In an interview with The Breakfast Club this week to promote her new comedy, Girls Trip, which comes out July 21, comedian Tiffany Haddish told a whole host of interesting stories. One of them was about the time she ended up getting toxic shock syndrome at 13 and almost died. But leave it to The Carmichael Show star to find a way to see the humor in such a dangerous situation.

“So this is like the third period I ever had,” she told the hosts. “There were no maxi pads, nothing in the house, nothing to use. But under the sink there were these super absorbent tampons. So I was like, ‘Psh, forget it.’ So I put it in and I only had it in for about four or five hours, but as soon as I took it out I started itching, started scratching.”

From there, Haddish said things started to get really bad. She was raised by her grandmother, and while her mother, who was visiting during the incident, didn’t see the severity of her condition, her grandmother did.

“My grandmother was there and my mom had come over. My mom was like, ‘Just give her some Herbalife! That’s all she needs.’ But everything I ate I kept throwing up,” she said. “Every time I drank water, throwing up. My tongue — I got a big tongue. It started to shrink. It go so swollen and little that it was choking me. I scratched holes all over my skin. You know how you go outside chasing the ice cream truck in the summertime and you know if you go barefoot you burn your feet a little bit? It was like that all over my body. Just burnt…My eyes were sunk in, I was completely dehydrated.”

Once she was taken to the hospital, the star finally gained an understanding of what was happening to her, along with a warning to never use a tampon again.

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