Women due to a special life style they live from puberty to monopause have become victims of their own biological make up. Most sanitary pads women use during their monthly periods contain chemicals that are carcinogenic in nature which are responsible for most gynecological health conditions especially what I call menstrual infections and what is commonly known as menstrual disorders. This is good evidence of pads being a silent/hidden abuse and consequent cause of GBV which is explained more on pages 2 and 3. Extracts from the document entitled “ANIONS, a true gift of nature” states W.H.O report indicates that about 62 % of women gynecological infections occur due to infections during menstruation because of the poor quality of most sanitary pads available on the market.
As defined in the Anti-Gender Based violence Act, 2011. Abuse is conduct that harms or is likely to cause harm to the safety, health and wellbeing of a person. The act defines aggravated abuse in relation to gender based violence as any act which:-
Causes the victim suffer wounding or grievous bodily harm and
(ii) there is evidence of meditation or
(iii) Whether the victim is particularly vulnerable.
Investigations have since proved that most menstrual sanitary pads available on the market are produced from recycled paper materials containing print ink and other chemicals which are later bleached with chemicals dioxin and chlorine. Studying the chemical dioxin and chlorine they are cancerous chemicals when they come in contact with the human skin and more especially the tender part of the woman’s genitals. Not immediate cancer and other gynecologial dysfunctions but the effects are cumulative. Because paper cannot absorb the woman’s flow during her messes, a plastic paper is placed in between or under the pad for fear of leakage when a woman is bleeding. This plastic placed in between the pad inhibits access of air in the woman’s system.
This implies that as the woman is bleeding wearing this kind of pad, no air enters the woman’s system and because of this, warmth develops between the pad and her private part, with the moisture from the blood this area becomes a breeding ground for germs, fermentation takes place hence the reason the pads are smelly when removed after use (Situational Environment). W.H.O report indicate two hours of a woman putting on these pads about 107 different germs develop per Cubic centimeter of the surface area of the pad. When pressure is applied on the pad through sitting, because paper is not absorptive enough, the pad allows a back flow of the blood into the woman’s reproductive system with all the germs which will have developed and the chemical mixed with the blood causing infection to the woman’s reproductive system. Not knowing what to do and what is happening, the woman simply takes this as a normal menstrual discomfort. The infection there after develops to something big that sometimes end up costing the woman’s life or go through painful process to try and correct the condition in the likes of operation, chemotherapy and radio therapy. Why that far, because some developed infections end up developing other serious conditions like fibroids, hemorrhoids, cancer of the cervix, cancer of the uterus, ovaries, tubes or blocked tubes and menstrual disorders. You may be surprised that among the germs that develop on the pad (Substandard) at the two hour estimation is HPV virus type II. Fibroids and menstrual disorders are suspected to occur because of an imbalance in the female hormones due to toxins absorbed in the body from the substandard pads and other sources. Some pads are made of a gel as to absorb the flow but if the gel is a chemical gel the same effects occur. In short, this type of a sanitary technology does not understand the hygiene of a woman during menstruation and is responsible with the mystery in the increase of gynecological diseases in women which lack of this information has contributed to violent misunderstandings especially in relationships in the form of GBV as explained in the pages under.
Where is the abuse in the above analysis?
The producers of the substandard sanitary pads know that dioxin and chlorine are cancerous chemicals when they come in contact with the human skin but continue to use the chemicals in the production of the sanitary pads.
The product is produced to a specific target group (Women). As alluded to earlier, without enough information, the woman becomes a captive market and has no choice but to use the product.
The substandard pads evoke serious health conditions that injure women’s health and wellbeing.
Conditions evoked by Poor quality sanitary Pads during menstruation
External Vaginal inflammations
Itchy Skin on the private part
Vaginal inflammation
Cervical Inflammation and erosion
Endometrial Inflammation
Excessive white discharge
Searing heart or pain in the lower abdomen
Feeling nauseous
Urge to urinate
Urinal pain
Sore waist
Aching waist
Genital warts
Genital herpes
Menstrual disorders (Heavy periods, Light periods, Spotting in between periods, Prolonged periods, Menstrual pains (abdominal and back ache before or during messes).
Menstrual disorders and fibroids are more an issue to do with hormonal imbalances mainly due to the amount of toxins women will have accumulated during the many years of using sanitary pads that contain chemicals. The life styles of sugary drinks and junk foods, pollutants in the air add to accumulation of pollutants in the woman’s body which overtime cause hormonal imbalance which evoke above stated conditions.
Sanitary pads a silent and hidden cause of GBV against women, how?
Common among the long list of both menstrual infections and disorders are only three causes of GBV and these are;
Genital Warts
Genital Herpes
Prolonged periods
The first two are often diagnosed as STIs due to their nature which when the husband is examined has no infection and blames or suspects the wife to have had sexual contact with another man when she would be innocent but the wrong pads she uses would be responsible because she grows the germs herself that causes the infection without knowing. Prolonged period results also from absorbing chemical toxins from substandard pads which overtime of accumulation in the body cause hormonal imbalance evoking prolonged periods. From both situations serious differences or misunderstanding between the couples ensues especially against the woman. Since other men cannot bear it, they start seeing other women as they wait for the wife to heal which healing may not come soon unless they know the cause and eliminate it.

Anion sanitary pads solution as both prevention and cure for alluded to effects
During my investigation and interrogation of the various sanitary pads available on the market, I have come to realize with evidence that ANION sanitary pads are the best solution for women as both prevention and cure against most gynecological health problems including cancer because they are multipurpose. Much about the anion strip on the pad is explained below on characteristics of ANION sanitary pads and also on further in the article on what exactly anions are.
They are made 100 % from natural material which include
100% cotton which enhances softness and freshness as it makes them permeable to air eliminating moisture and heat.
Equipped with a unique patented anion strip which effectively removes noxious bacterium which is the main cause of gynecological diseases. This strip combats 99.9% of bacteria and naturally relieves menstrual discomfort. The anion strip is compressed with over 6000 negative ions per cubic centimeter and is activated by fluid or warmth and when absorbed in the body enhances the woman’s quality of health as prevention from infection.
Contains a plant based gel absorber- which is a special absorptive material making them more than 2 times more absorbent than ordinary sanitary pads.
Made with a specially designed adhesive that conforms to human ergonomics (chewing gum) which does not leave residue on the underwear and cause irritations when worn without any towel.
Each packet has a self testing indicator that measures the presence of bacteria and/or virus in the genital area. This ensures that a woman keeps herself hygienically clean and bacteria free
Packaging is made from aluminum foil like that used for food packaging to disallow moisture or bacteria entering.
Negative ions that fuse through the woman’s genitals get absorbed in the body systems not only providing protection of a woman during her messes but provides the body and its organs several other general health benefits among many are;
Strengthening immunity- high levels of negative ions promote production of globulin in blood, resulting in stronger resistance to illness- Improves reflex system and endothelial system(layer of cells that lines the inside of some body cavities e,g blood vessels) enhances body’s anti-disease ability(ATP hormone).Gamma globulin is a kind of protein contained in serum, and is an immunizing antibody. When anions increase within the human body, the amount of gamma globulin in the blood also increases. Therefore, it helps maintain a healthful body by increasing the resistance power against infection of viruses with an increase of antibodies.
Enhancing hormonal balance- by increasing the levels of calcium and sodium in the blood stream, negative ions restore a healthy PH balance in the blood. This prevents and treats menstrual disorders e.g excessive bleeding etc.
Balancing the autonomic nervous system- negative ions calm and relax taut nerves balancing the opposing sympathetic and parasympathetic branches of the autonomic nervous system
Reducing fatigue and stress- by increasing oxygen levels in the blood and facilitating more efficient oxygen utilization, negative ions help accelerate recovery from fatigue
Enhancing metabolism- by counteracting over arousal of the sympathetic nervous system, negative ions help ease tension in the stomach and intestines promoting the production of digestive enzymes and enhancing digestion
Stabilizing brain faction- by promoting abundant oxygen levels in the blood, negative ions help normalize brain function, resulting in relaxation and calmness
Treating inflammation and cell rejuvenation- negative ions help revitalize cell metabolism, enhancing the vitality of muscle tissue and strengthening internal organs.
Negative ions rejuvenate and revitalize all the body’s system and cells, promoting a stronger overall constitution. For these benefits, men can also use the liners by wearing them under their feet as ions flow through the pores of the skin
Other conditions treatable by ANION Sanitary pads
Ovarian cysts
Yeast infections
Genital warts
Uterine fibroids
Cervical erosions
Hormonal imbalances
Irregular menstrual cycle
Bladder infection
Bladder control
Prostate problems in men which is another hidden and silent cause of GBV due to developed Ed from the condition both against the man by serious ridicule and sometime subsequent assault on the women on suspicion of promiscuity and verbal assault.
Colon bleeding
What are Anions?
Anions are scientifically defined as molecules or atoms in the air that has a negative charge. When the charge is positive they are called “Cations”. In simple language “Anions” are vitamins of the air while “Cations” are poison of the air or any carcinogen substance that cause harm to health and this includes the chemicals that are in substandard pads. Anions in the air are very beneficial to our health as they are responsible to cleanse the air of all toxins, air born germs, and small dust particles which if we inhaled them could cause as serious health conditions. Anions in fact kill about 99.9% common bacteria and viruses. It is with this background knowledge that anion sanitary pads has an “Anion Concentrated Strip” which has the ability to kill all the germs that tend to develop when the woman is bleeding so that the woman can have a safe and health menstrual period, start treating her infection which were a result of earlier use of sub-standard pads and in the process also benefit her with alluded to earlier health benefits. The anion strip on the pad becomes food to the woman since they are vitamins to nourish her body at the time it is at its weakest during her messes. The amount of anion concentration at 6070 per cubic centimeter on the pad becomes medicine to reverse any condition which was evoked by a woman’s wrong environment during her messes.
Chemicals absorbed in the body by whatever means and do not become part of the cells and tissues are toxins in the body which can only be reversed by the reduction process or dilution as in chemistry as alkaline substance which ANIONS are but at this concentration it becomes medicine though natural and as proved in science as very important at the right amounts to provide balance in the body against all forms of pollutants.
Facts about menstruation
Natural process- Not a shame or dirty. Life style not by choice but by design that they are women expected to start from a particular age to menopause.
Cycle goes for about half a woman’s life ( 30-40 yrs). It is the longest period of her life, if exposed to harmful products and substances she may not enjoy a full life. No wonder many of them don’t make it to old age in the 21st
About 15000 pieces of sanitary pads are required in the lifetime of any woman using them. How much toxins will she have absorbed from this number if she uses substandard pads.
Trusted brand of sanitary pads a necessity for every woman/girl. This agrees with the minister of education Hon.Dr Kaingu during his address to the nation on the eve of the woman’s menstral day 28th may, 2015 whose theme was “Join hands to provide hygienic sanitary wear to our school girls” but this goes for every woman also of reproductive age.
Sanitary pad should not only provide comfort and safety but must enhance every woman’s health and lifestyle. Hygiene can in simple terms be defined as the principle of keeping oneself health.
Sanitary pad is a woman’s indispensable friend, not a luxury but a necessity. Looking at the level of technological advance, the 21st century woman may not intend to resort back to the use of sacks, cloth, spongy etc because they don’t look hygienic even when they are very effective to lessen gynecological health problems. Sanitary pads technology is good technology and who ever thought about it thought well because it is also convenient for the women. Using good technology of a sanitary pad that meets the woman’s peace of mind, quality and hygiene is the answer. Development as in the sense of advancement, improvement and progress in the type of sanitary wear is the key to solving many gynecological health problems in women.
Key criteria for selection of sanitary pads.
Hygiene-Keeping oneself and surrounding clean to prevent diseases.
Performance-All about how a product performs. Should achieve its intended purpose.
Comfort-pleasant state of relaxation or wellbeing, relief for unhappiness or worry.
Convenience-useful or helpful thing. Very good in absorption of a woman’s flow during her messes. Anion pads can absorb up to 150 mls of fluid without a back flow.
Aesthetics-artistic design or taste, beauty. Has seven layers with no plastic either under or in between to create a conducive environment for germs to grow. Anion strip in between is made of algae and not paper which makes impossible to disintegrate when the pad wets.
Purpose of Pads
Absorb and retain menstrual fluid- No back flow
Isolate fluid from the body-good hygiene
Stop leakage- stop embarrassment.
Facts about Sanitary Pads
Pads can be placed on the market without prior evidence of safety or efficacy, why? Because they are not considered medical devices. Women are a too easy target because they are bound by biology to menstruate for at least 35 years or so. Women are thus a captive market and potentially easy victims of numerous types of sanitary pads (and tampoon) traumas.
Sanitary pads are not as simple as they may seem at first glance. They are made for the most complex beings in the universe, and consequently they are and should be complex too.
So what? Recycling material is saving the environment.
Large amounts of chemical are required for recycling process to bleach, sterilize and remove odours from this used paper. The chemicals used which is chlorine and dioxin have their traces contained in the finished material which are harmful to human health. It is not saving the environment by using recycled paper but saving the manufacturer’s money thinking they are making the pads cheaper but in the bargain harming women. Studying the two chemicals are cancerous chemicals if and when they come in contact with human skin and more so that tender part of the woman’s body. Can injure and does injure her health.
Save women from the many health challenges especially gynecological challenges of the 21st
Introduce women to have direct access to these better sanitary pads at an affordable price than through third party.
Prevent women using products whose source they don’t know and in the process endanger their own health.
Women Empowerment-Use the product for income generation to the women groups as the producing company has a good sustainable wealth plan on a small investment but with huge commissions that products can even be given free to the vulnerable and less privileged.
Problem solving techniques
Identify the problem
Identify the cause
Eliminate the cause
The only challenge is that most of the women don’t know and the question is, how will they know, unless they are told? It is cheaper to prevent these gynecological problems that have been identified to be a source of GBV and sub-standard pads that a silent abuse from a supposed genuine response to this natural process in the life of every woman. Fortunately it turns out to be a good product even for menopause effects in women because of the ANION STRIP attached to it especially on a pantliner. One Germany physicist Albert Eustein once said and I quote “Insanity is doing the same thing expecting different results”. All the women need to remain health and safe against this observed silent/hidden abuse and cause of GBV empowered with this knowledge or information. Galileo Galilee once said “the truth is easy to understand, all you need is to find it”
We can save a lot of lives from the observed silent/hidden abuse and cause of GBV especially against women if we are willing.
Vincent Chan. Anions, a true gift of nature.
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