How to choose the right sanitary pad?

Today, due to rapidly evolving scientific knowledge women have more personal hygiene products than ever ranging from high-grade sanitary napkins to reusable cups that fit over the cervix, but how do you know which product is right for you? One of the main things most females consider when buying sanitary napkins are the absorbing capabilities of each. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that as what could be more embarrassing than having a period stain on your skirt right? However what most individuals neglect is the ‘sanitary’ part of sanitary napkins as according to a number of studies the current market is flooded with ‘low quality’, unhealthy but highly absorbent pads. A recent W.H.O report indicates that about 62 % of gynecological infections (ladies genital diseases) occur due to infections during menstruation because of the poor quality of most sanitary pads available on the market. They also mention that in two hours of a woman putting on these pads about 107 different germs develop per cubic centimeter of the surface area of the pad which is devastating right?

Therefore despite the highly marketed ‘absorbing power’ there are a number of other factors to be considered when buying a sanitary napkin and a few such factors a listed and elaborated below.

  • The Air permeability

Studies have shown that about 73% of women would feel itchiness and pain in the genital area during menstruation and are mostly caused by the use of sanitary napkins which are not air permeable. As most of us know the lady parts should ‘breathe’ which will prevent the formation of anaerobic bacterias that make you ill. Also when the pad is not air permeable, the sitting posture can allow a reversed flow of the blood back into the reproductive system with all the germs and the chemicals mixed with the blood resulting in deeper infections (UTIs, endometritis, cysts etc) in the woman’s reproductive system.

Nevertheless, with Puressence® all natural sanitary napkins you are well protected as our products are proven to maintain a good airflow between the genitals and the environment preventing the development of harmful bacterias. This is achieved by the revolutionary breathable fiber and top quality cotton used.

  • The texture

This is also crucial to consider as it should be soft and skin friendly so as to avoid bruises, rashes, dermatitis and other skin conditions. In Puressence® sanitary napkins we use soft natural dermatologically tested cotton as the second layer, which will provide ultra comfort and prevent skin irritation.

  • The absorbency

If your sanitary napkin embarrasses you by leaking then its time to try a better quality pad. Puressence® sanitary napkins come with a good absorbency power that keeps the top layer free from wetness. The soft and dry cotton layer absorbs the liquid and provides long- lasting comfort to the user. In Puressence® pads, the absorbed blood is locked in the central core formed by all natural superabsorbent polymer gel that is made from plant sap. This eliminates the chance of a back flow when pressure is applied to the pad when you are sitting thus reducing the incidence of gynecological ailments.

  • Look for the ‘anion strip’

Anions or negative ions are able to revitalize the human cells thus improving the overall health and vitality. Having a negative ion (anion) chip embedded in sanitary napkins can strengthen the immunity, eradicate odor, enhance hr metabolism and reduce inflammation while rejuvenating local cells. Conditions that are proven to be prevented or treated by anion pads include uterine fibroids, cervical erosions, hormonal imbalances, hemorrhoids, colon bleeding and bladder infections (cystitis). Anions, in fact, kill about 99.9% common bacteria and viruses and are considered as ‘vitamins’ in the air where as cations are considered poison.

In Puressence® all natural sanitary napkins we have embedded an all natural unique patented anion strip which effectively removes harmful microbes and toxic chemicals thus naturally relieving the menstrual discomfort. The packaging is made using an aluminum foil that prevents the entry of moisture and bacteria.

  • Free or less artificial scents and fragrances

Did you know that over 60% of what you put on your skin, the largest organ of your body, gets absorbed into your blood stream? Same goes for sanitary pads as they are in contact with your skin for let’s say at least 3 hours right? To protect trade secrets, companies are permitted by the FDA to withhold fragrance ingredients which make the consumers hapless as they cannot know what chemical/perfume is on the items. Fragrance preservatives like parabens, phthalates, and synthetic Musks can result in cancers, liver/kidney damage, birth defects and hormonal defects with regular use.

However, consumers are becoming more educated and suspicious of chemicals in personal care products and are seeking safer more natural products and that’s where we come in. Puressence® all natural sanitary napkins are not artificially scented and do not contain any above-mentioned chemicals. We have no secret formulas and whats in the pads are mentioned clearly.

The bottom line,

The problem with conventional pads is that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) doesn’t make feminine hygiene companies list their products’ ingredients. Therefore you have to be more careful when considering buying a new feminine pad. With Puressence® we assure you that there are no hidden chemicals or bioactive compounds making you one less thing to worry about. Most our products are available in drugstores and you can also order them via the internet. We hope you make the right choice.

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